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🏆 Crypto Infinity Together with Artsmiley to host the AMA 🏆

🗓 AMA Date: 26th June 2021

⏰ Time AMA: 2 PM UTC

🏚Venue For AMA: @CryptoInfinity_Community_VN


San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Can you introduce yourself to the community before we start the AMA?

Lurdh Allam:

Sure, It is my pleasure meeting your community.

About Me:

👉I am Lurdh Allam, CEO & Co-founder of ArtSmiley.

👉Passionate art enthusiast & collector

👉Education & experience: I have done my Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters in engineering with over 20+ years of experience working for various international companies in operations, strategy, and business management both in Europe & the Middle East.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q1: could you explain a little about Artsmiley? and what Is make it different From another Project?

Lurdh Allam:

About ArtSmiley:

👉ArtSmiley was established in 2017 and in operations since 2018 as Middle East’s leading art marketplace.

👉ArtSmiley, a multisided art marketplace connects artists, creators around the world with potential buyers and collectors.

👉Leveraging our experience in art world, we are now moving into NFT space with the mission to democratize NFT & Digital Art and brings it to mainstream art aficionados.

We are differentiating ourselves by focusing on three of our core strengths that include;

Our knowledge of art markets — we are a recognized brand in the Middle East that has partnered with art exhibitions and art fairs to increase our gamut of quality of art on displays. Blend this with our vast network of talented artists, art collectors, and corporate buyers.

Our technology — what also sets us apart is the integration of our traditional and NFT marketplaces and the way the audience transact using smiley tokens on the platform. Indeed, we facilitate NFTs that are linked to real-world art. We also enhance NFT staking and art yields for rewards distribution from sales and rent.

Last but not the least, is our end-to-end process — indeed, the way we seamlessly onboard artists and facilitate overall art curation and sales is the reason we have gained traction so far, and are going to reach further heights. Add to this our community voting via ArtsDAO and the enabling of advanced AI processes to match buyers with the art they would like to have, and you get a platform designed to provide an unforgettable experience for all parties concerned!!

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q2: Could you please provide some info about your Roadmap and how ArtSmiley is progressing so far?

Lurdh Allam:

Road Map:

ArtSmiley has gained a lot of traction to date with over 1500+ artists from over 50 countries, 11k+ Subscribers, over 20k social medial followers, and important we have more than 100 clients and generating revenue.

We have ambitious plans for the next 5 quarters which include the development of MVP to launch full-fledged NFT marketplace complete with AI and AR/VR integrations. Let me detail you our plans for next 5 quarters.

Q2 2021: Project Commencement

Validation from experts

Smart Contracts

Wallet Integrations

Token Sale

Listing in Pancakeswap

Q3 2021: Smiley Platform Launch

Mainnet Launch

NFT Platform — Coding & MVP Launch

NFT Vault

Staking Integration

CEX Listing

Q4 2021: DAO Governance

Flexible Royalties

Governance DAO Portal

Additional Coins

AI Services — MVP Launch

More Artists

Online Advertisements using NFTs

Q1 2022: Growing Smiley Ecosystem

Metaverse Integrations

AR/VR Support


Mobile Support

Crafts & Collections

Q2 2022: Smiley AR/VR Platform

Immersive AR/VR

Gaming Integration with NFT’s

Staking Integration

Artwork Proofing services

for others

Flexible Royalties

Governance DAO Portal

Additional Coins

AI Services — MVP Launch

More Artists

Online Advertisements using NFTs

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q3: Nowadays, NFT is becoming more popular, many projects come out related to NFT. So how do you rate the potential that ArtSmiley NFT can bring? Do you have any plans to make NFT become a new market trend?

Lurdh Allam:

Further to above mentioned competitive advantages, unlike our competition, leveraging our traditional art marketplace experience, for the first time, we are bringing physical works into NFTs through digitization, where the investor has a choice of keeping both physical and digital artworks. Also, the investor has an opportunity to sell art prints or rent art pieces through the traditional marketplace B2B2C business model of ongoing sales.

As a Smiley token holder, you get a preferential price of all artwork (NFT or non NFT) listed in the ArtSmiley marketplace. Being a smiley token holder, you will save up to 10% off on all ArtSmiley platforms and get VIP access to online art exhibitions.

All this uniqueness of phygital artworks can be a great advantage for ArtSmiley. Also Smile coins will be a medium to transact in the platform,all this combination makes ArtSmiley a potential player in the market

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q4: A lot of projects always talk about their strengths, while their token or coin prices always go down. As one of ArtSmiley leaders, do you dare to speak out the difficulties that ArtSmiley is facing and how long will it take to overcome it?

Lurdh Allam:

One of our business ethics is honesty & transparency, this is applicable to everything what we do in our business. As a founder, I seeded these ethics in our brand’s DNA, now we are running our business since last 4 years and gained lot of traction in art community and recognized as a reputable brand in the middle east.

As I stand by my ethics of the business, I have no difficulties speaking about problems ArtSmiley facing. Even though we are an experienced team and running the art marketplace for more than 4 years, NFT space is something new to us, like any other startup, I do have initial teething problems like funding, resources for technology development etc., to overcome this we are going into an IDO to raise funds, as this can resolve the root of the issue and we will able to provide a nft marketplace that caters all the needs of artists, creators, buyers & investors.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q5: What are some of the major achievements that ArtSmiley has achieved and what milestones are planned ahead in the next 6 months, 1 year and 5 years?

Lurdh Allam:

👉We are already having a good amount of traction with a big community of artists, collectors (over 1500+ artists from 50 countries) and 20k+ social media followers, 11k+ subscribers to our platform, other than this we have more than 100 clients and B2B contracts etc.,

👉Also we are the largest art community in the region with a global footprint of artists.

👉We have also secured Gulf Capital SME Awards 2020 “Digital business of the year award” winner.

Our short term goals:

👉Q2 2021: Project Commencement

👉Q3 2021: Smiley Platform Launch

👉Q4 2021: DAO Governance

👉Q1 2022: Growing Smiley Ecosystem

👉Q2 2022: Smiley AR/VR Platform

In the next 5 years, my goal is to be one of the leading nft marketplaces in the world and want to number one from Asia region. We also envision to expanding nfts from current art to music, gaming etc.,


San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q1. Cooperation and partnership is one of the most important issues to help develop a project. Can you tell us about your existing partnerships, the partnership plans, and what people can gain from these partnerships?


Lurdh Allam:

👉I strongly agree that collaboration & partnerships play a major role in the growth of the organization and help support the community to get the best rewards.

👉In the traditional world, ArtSmiley has partnerships with hotels, property developers, corporates, and contractors for supplying the paintings.

👉We are also working in this new nft space collaborating with partners, who can bring value to ArtSmiley, its community of artists, collectors & investors, here I have given the list of a few, whom we are in discussion for partnership.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q2. Some NFTs are very rich in art value, however, how can you ensure that NFTs exhibited in your platform can reach the demand and “need” of customers? As such can you explain in details how can you evaluate NFTs and connect artist with customers? @LongVoHoang

Lurdh Allam:

Art is eternal and its value emerges with time. We believe that NFT is not a trend but an essential means to empower the art community to unleash the full potential of digital and crypto.

There is no magic wind to confirm, all the exhibited NFTs are 100% meet the customer demands however we always take feedback from the community of artists, art buyers, collectors and nft investors, which will help us to evaluate popular choices, trending concepts based on which we accommodate all the needs of customers. Also we are brining physical works into NFTs, this can also can give wide range of choices to customers as well.

Most of the current nft marketplaces are not showing curated content, where Artsmiley leverage its experience of curation from the current marketplace and bring into NFTs which can help evaluate the works and promote them to reach potential customers.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q3. The cryptocurrency market is increasingly competitive, especially NFT and users have more choice to invest. So what is your unique “selling point”? and how will ArtSmiley take advantage of it?


Lurdh Allam:

Very good question, as earlier explain ArtSmiley differentiating with the rest of the competition by focusing more on its strengths. Even though we have more than one Unique Selling Point (USP), the key will be technology.

In technology, what clearly sets us apart is the integration of our traditional and NFT marketplaces (both physical & digital art works) and the way the audience transact using smiley tokens on the platform. Indeed, we facilitate NFTs that are linked to real-world art. We also enhance NFT staking and art yields for rewards distribution from sales and rent.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q4. Many people still don’t have much idea of how NFTs work and how to acquire them, is #ArtSmiley beginner-friendly in the world of NFTs? Do we have to have advanced knowledge or #ArtSmiley intuitive enough for inexperienced users?


Lurdh Allam:

You don’t need advanced knowledge to use our marketplace. NFT platform will be built considering two key factors user interface (ease to use) & security. We will ensure the platform is User-Friendly & Interoperable NFT Marketplace linked to the leading gallery and a large number of traditional and new-age buyers — making it a full ecosystem for everybody’s benefit!

Also, there will be sufficient FAQs, Videos, and tutorials for the creators, buyers, enthusiasts to learn more about NFTs, the process of acquiring them, trading them etc.,

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q5. How do you think with Asia market? Does ArtSmiley team have any plan approach this market which the potential market in crypto? If yes, How do you plan to spread awareness about ArtSmiley in these country where English is not spoken well ? @Giakal5

Lurdh Allam:

ArtSmiley born in Asian continent and we are from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Definitely Asia is one of our key markets, and I see there is big untapped potential for art in this market.

As you have mentioned Asia is place of different cultures, ethnic backgrounds and languages and it is a large market too, however reaching all the communities is definitely a challenge but we are having plans to overcome this by collaborating with local partners, artist communities, dealers and with huge social reach.


1. I think, The success of a project depends on how large the community is. Do you have a plan to spread awareness to both crypto users and non-crypto users in the world? Especially non-English speaking countries may have limited access to your project #ArtSmileyAMA

Reply :

Good question. This is certainly our priority, as we plan to grow globally, increasing our community space both in the crypto and non-crypto worlds is essential. How do we increase our community?

One way is to leverage our experience, ArtSmiely already has an established platform with over 1500 artists from over 50 countries, over 11k subscribers, over 100 collectors, customers and investors . With this huge network we have built trust and success in this field, we are working with a number of artists, gallery owners on a collaborative basis in building trust , promote and sell artwork in the crypto world to attract non-crypto investors. All non-crypto investors will be attracted to invest in the crypto world due to the incentives and secondary sales art profits they will generate from the Artsmileynft platform.

We will also work closely with all of our community of artists, investors, collectors and other B2B customers (from both the English and non-English speaking communities) to educate them. about the world of cryptocurrency, the benefits and rewards they can get for being a part of these new developments. We are confident to bring them into this market with the trust and relationship that ArtSmiley has established over the past few years.

2.I care deeply about personal privacy, personal and organizational security as well as decentralization and sharing of power. What are your goals and motivations for implementing anonymity with transparency in general, specifically your project priority? #ArtSmileyAMA

Reply :

ArtSmiley has a team of experienced blockchain and cybersecurity experts who will ensure there are enough established protocols to secure the entire market. This is one of our top priority areas and we will always work to improve our systems to ensure robustness. Yes, I can confirm that all of our smart contracts will be audited when we make any changes to them by a reputable security auditor. In addition, the website will also undergo cybersecurity audits and improvements. All this ensures and cares for the privacy and security of information.

3. What is Artsmiley’s token economy? We understand that you have made a private purchase. I want to know the token distribution schedule. #ArtSmileyAMA

Reply :

Many questions are asked on Tokenomics, I have chosen this one to answer. You can find more details about tokenomics at our platform or you can contact us via our TG team.

Yes, we have both semi-private and public. Prices can be found in the platform mentioned above. The use case of the token is;

👉Smiley Tokens are used for NFTization

Smileys are basically the base currency (or medium) for trading art.

👉Smileys is used in every transaction and is necessary to purchase NFT available on the platform

👉 As an ArtSmiley token holder, you will receive preferential rates for all artworks (NFT or non-NFT) listed on the marketplace.

👉As a smiley token holder, you will save up to 10% on all ArtSmiley platforms and get VIP access to online art exhibitions.

👉Smiley for profit from the secondary market

👉Art Rentals, Sales Rewards are distributed back to NFT holders in the form of Smiley Tokens

👉Any NFT used for Advertising & Exhibition is also paid through Smiley

4. What methods do you have to educate: raise awareness and my application in the community to make more people understand about your project and its technology? How to get more attention from peopIe?

Reply :

Again, there are so many questions about community, engagement and appreciation, etc., I chose this one at random to answer everyone.


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