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🗓 AMA Date: 30th July 2021

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San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Can you introduce yourself to the community before we start the AMA?

Bill D:

Hello everyone. My name is Bill, CEO of

We offer interest earning savings account for crypto holders

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q1: Could you please give a brief introduction to your project and what makes it unique?

Bill D:

Yes. We offer interest on 100+ cryptos, more than anywhere else. In addition, our interest rates are higher than elsewhere.

For simple crypto lending, we offer 6.25% for BTC.

We also have structured products on crypto. Which is not available elsewhere. Users can earn higher interest depending on market price volatility.

For example, today we have 653% APY on DEGO. Because DEGO price has been volatile recently.

Interest rates are adjusted daily at 07:00 UTC and more price volatility, the higher the interest rate will be.

You can choose from 1 week, 14 days, 30 and 90 days durations to earn interest on your cryptos.

To date we have over $56 million in savings made by our users, and we’ve already paid out over $650k in interest. That translates to over 80% APY in interest paid.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q2: Could you please tell us your development plan in 2021 and further?

Bill D:

Yes. Next week, we are releasing a new design of our website, and do a complete facelift. And add few new tokens to earn interest.

In Q3 of 2021, we’re planning on releasing our own token. Which would earn token holders additional interest on platform.

And in Q4 of 2021, we’re planning to release a DeFi version of POKKET, so users can benefit from same benefits as DeFi from a CeFi platform.

We will release more information once our development for POKKET token issuance is completed and ready for release 😊

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q3: The cryptocurrency market is increasingly competitive, and i can see that many projects which have the same goal. So what is your unique “selling point”? and how will your project take advantage of it?

Bill D:

Yes. Our selling point is that we offer more types of cryptos to earn interest (100+ right now and adding more), and we offer higher interest rates than competitors. And it’s very easy to register and start. All you need is your email address.

The reason why we could offer higher interest is because we keep our costs low. We don’t spend a lot of money on marketing and third-party services, so we can pay our users higher interest rates for their savings.

In addition, we use advanced financial products such as call and put options to generate interest with our Structured Products. It’s a common traditional financial product but not widely available on crypto. We used our extensive experience in traditional finance to build new and innovative products on crypto.

Our team comes from traditional finance and worked at world leading organizations such as Nomura, City Bank, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley etc.

We love crypto and we want more people to benefit from crypto. That’s why we started 😊


San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q1. At present, liquidity mining has triggered a boom in the DeFi market, but high gas fee and network congestion prevent users from actually experiencing the full potential of DeFi products. what problem needs to be solved most? and how will Pokket provide a lasting solution? @Aravind75154890

Bill D: is operated as a CeFi, but we have many DeFi tokens to earn interest. For example, we have UNI, SUSHI, CRV and most of the largest DeFi tokens to earn interest. We don’t charge any extra fees except for withdrawals. So it’s a good alternative for yield farming with DeFi tokens.

Our core business is with providing yields for cryptos. So the solution we can provide with regards to DeFi is offering alternatives to earning yields.

In addition, we’re working on a DeFi version of POKKET, so that we can contribute to the development of more interesting products on DeFi.

The bigges issue for most users of DeFi is the high gas fees. We want to solve this problem with our POKKET DeFi product so users can earn high interest like DeFi, with a low cost of CeFi.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q2. As i can see, POKKET collaborate with NEST to make this AMA, so could you please tell us about your partnership with NEST? What benefits that NEST offer to your project and vice versa? @RealOnelvt

Bill D:

We have listed NEST on our Structured Product, so holders of NEST tokens can earn interest on their tokens. The interest rate is tied to the price volatility of the NEST token, so it varies over time. Currently, we are offering 24.7% APY on NEST token holders.

I’m sure we can work on more in-depth partnerships and details will be announced once finalize them 😊

So NEST token holders can benefit from using by earning NEST tokens on top of their NEST holdings as interest.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q3. High Liquidity is very essential for low slippage in asset trading and loan exchange between lenders and borrowers. How does POKKET’s platform maintain this as your platform will provide access over 94+ assets and also how will you prevent Liquidity rug pull ?


Bill D: only offers interest earnings on crypto holders. We don’t offer trading services to exchange tokens.

However, we use the largest exchanges as our service providers. They include: Binance, Bitfinex, OKEx and Huobi. We only add tokens that has high trading volumes on each of these exchanges so that we can avoid liquidity issues.

In addition, we constantly monitor the liquidity on all our listed tokens and enforce a daily limit we can take from users as savings. This can be seen on our platform as “Daily Quota”. It is calculated daily based on the market liquidity. This method helps us to avoid liquidity issues.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q4. I learn that POKKET offer the lending product. How does this protocol works? What are pairs of stablecoin that POKKET offer as collateral? @longan1571

Bill D:

We have many different interest earning products and are adding more in the future. Currently we have: Straight Lending (similar to many other lending platforms), and Structured Saving products. The Straight Lending works the same way as traditional lending products, where the user earns in the same token as they’ve saved. So if you save BTC, you will earn interest only on BTC.

The Structured Saving product is a call and put option products that have a possibility to convert into the underlying asset or collateral asset, depending on the price of the tokens.

For each of these products, we offer USDT, USDC, BUSD and TUSD to earn interest.

You can learn more about how our different products work from our FAQ page at

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Okay, 5th question, this is also the last question for part 2 of the AMA

Q5. POKKET Average interest 62.00% APY. When we look at the current Bank Yields of different Bank its saving APY is not even close to 1% where it has an annual revenue of hundreds of billions. So how does POKKET actually works and offer better returns for the investors? @Yiyuan472

Bill D:

There are different products on POKKET that earns interest so each of them works differently. But generally we work at the same principle as traditional banks. Users will save their tokens with us, and we lend the tokens out to third-party borrowers.

But unlike traditional banks, we limit the borrowers from our platform to our trusted parties, and they go through strict due diligence process to borrow from us. In addition, we ask the borrowers to deposit collateral with us in exchange for the borrowed cryptos. This limits the risk of the borrowers for our users with savings.

Regarding the high interest rates, because of the nature and high volatility of crypto markets, it’s easier to offer high interest rates on cryptos. Professional institutional investors trading on crypto needs to borrow cryptos to trade them, so they are willing to pay higher interest rates than fiat currencies.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Thank you for sharing to help us and the community understand more about POKKET

We missed a special guest today. So I’m going to ask our guest the questions of part 1, then we’ll move on to part 3.


Welcome our special guest today, Miss. @Sabrinasyt — CM of NEST Protocol 😁


Hello, every one!

I’m Sabrina. My pleasure to be here for AMA with Crypto Infinity.

I am NEST Community Manager that help with partnership development and community growth.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q1: Could you please give a brief introduction to your project and what makes it unique? @Sabrinasyt


NEST Protocol is a collateralized lending product at the very beginning. Due to the lack of price mechanism and the oracles are commercially not in line with the decentralized nature of blockchain, NEST Protocol has developed a decentralized price oracle network in v2.0.

After more than one year of practice and research, we have gradually updated and adjusted various parameters and data of NEST system based on the essence of blockchain and now NEST Protocol v3.5 could become the underlying price protocol of all DeFi applications which is the only one that generates price information flow in a decentralized way on the Etherum network. The upcoming v3.6 will officially enter DAO governance and become a true non-cooperative gaming system.

The advantages and features of NEST are as follows:

1, Price data with accuracy, sensitivity, defensibility.

2, The ability to validate price data directly and the validators can be any third party with no threshold.

3, NEST oracle network system is highly distributed where anyone can become a quote miner to participate in quote mining, free to enter or exit.

4. NEST Protocol is non-cooperative gaming in the production process while output quote voucher tokens for all kinds of ERC20 assets in a decentralized manner, just like ETH can issue any ERC20 tokens.

5、The price information flow output by NEST Protocol can derive a series of risk-calculable financial products through the single point price data, average weighted data, volatility data on-chain.

6, NEST Protocol is a non-cooperative gaming system, the underlying price protocol of Ethereum and an ecosystem rather than a single DeFi financial product.

Our most confident advantage is that NEST Protocol is a non-cooperative gaming system like BTC and ETH in the production process based on which it can generate price information flow.

BTC achieves data anti-tamper (transfer) through non-cooperative game, ETH achieves logic anti-tamper(smart contract)through non-cooperative game, NEST achieves exchange rate anti-tamper(price information flow) through non-cooperative game.

The blockchain world can be copied in the next second. It is difficult to survive long in this world. Projects have to develop and create extreme scarcity to survive in the monotonically increasing world of Ethereum. Analyzing the nature of blockchain, only a real non-cooperative gaming system can survive long. For this, NEST Protocol is very confident.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q2: Could you please tell us your development plan in 2021 and further?


There are several big events in the NEST ecosystem this year.

1. NEST Protocol v3.6 which launched in April will remove developer’s permissions and officially enter the DAO governance.

2. The launch of CoFiX 2.0, an Auto-Market-Maker protocol based on NEST Protocol.

3. Parasset, providing lending, native assets exchange and insurance pool for the on-chain world.

4. Perpetual contract protocol Fort based on NEST Protocol is under development.

5. Thinking, designing and developing NEST Protocol to better solve the GAS consumption and mining randomness problem while proposing to GitHub.

6. Develop and study more cases of financial products based on NEST Protocol price information flow.

The keyword for NEST Protocol in 2021 is “demand”. We need to be clear that the crypto world is ultimately targeting the need to get out of the circle which is the real need to be accepted and recognized by the general public.

So far, only BTC is really out of the circle and if ETH or DeFi wants to go out of the circle, they must find the right position and real demand which is the long-term proposition of NEST Protocol.

To establish an on-chain economy, the price mechanism of the non-cooperative game is the core element. Therefore, NEST Protocol’s key development goal this year is to develop more financial products based on price information flow with the vision of becoming the underlying price protocol of the Ethereum on-chain economy.

San | Community Manager | Marketing |:

Q3: The cryptocurrency market is increasingly competitive, and i can see that many projects which have the same goal. So what is your unique “selling point”? and how will your project take advantage of it?


NEST Protocol is not only an oracle but also a non-cooperative gaming system.

The blockchain world cannot actively generate price information, so it needs to rely on middleware to transfer the off-chain price on-chain, and this middleware refers to oracle.

Oracle’s function is to upload price information for the blockchain to be used by various DeFi products. We don’t need to trust the person who uploaded the price but the price itself.

The process of running an oracle based on the normal logic is basically: collect price information from multiple exchanges, put them together to take the average and upload them on-chain; or find a few so-called “trusted” nodes with each uploading price to a centralized processor, take the average of the uploaded prices for use by DeFi products.

This is the approach of most oracles in the market today and there is a problem of trusted source that we need to trust the person or node or project owner who uploads the price. We cannot validate the prices themselves.

The biggest advantage and innovation of NEST Protocol’s price mechanism compared to other oracles is the reverse thinking approach: Miners make bilateral asset quotes and introduce a verification mechanism that enters prices that have no room for arbitrage into the NEST system.

In the NEST system, it is the miner who uploads the price and it is a 30 ETH scale bilateral asset that miners put real money into the contract to quote. If the quotes deviate or having been distorted, there is bound to be arbitrage space with the prices off-chain and thus arbitrage by the validator. There is no need to know or trust the person who quoted the price because anyone can validate this price in the validation cycle of 25 blocks. Until there is no arbitrage space, this price data will be entered by the NEST system to generate price information directly on-chain. Other oracles upload price first with no validation and then impose punishment if any problem; NEST validates price first and directly eliminate the occurrence of errors. Prices that are not recognized by the on-chain world will not be uploaded, which is the essential difference between NEST and other oracles.

Such a NEST distributed price oracle solution is manifested in concrete results: The data has accuracy, sensitivity, defensibility and can be directly validated. The validators can be any third party with no threshold. Besides, the NEST oracle network system is highly distributed, Anyone can become a miner to participate in quote mining and freely enter or exit.

NEST Protocol takes the price mechanism as the core and produces NEST Token in a non-cooperative gaming way in the production. Other kinds of ERC20 assets take the oracle to produce all kinds of native nToken to constantly output the price information flow to the blockchain. This complete set of price information flow output mechanism can become the underlying price mechanism of the risk-calculable financial products on-chain which can be summarized according to the nature of blockchain as follows: BTC achieves data anti-tamper (transfer) through the non-cooperative game, ETH achieves logic anti-tamper(smart contract)through the non-cooperative game, NEST achieves exchange rate anti-tamper(price information flow) through the non-cooperative game.

From this point of view, other oracles are just price data movers, a single product with only price-output while NEST Protocol is an ecosystem and a real non-cooperative gaming system.



Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like your???

Bill D:

I pick this one as Q1.

We loved crypto since it’s early stages but we were only trading cryptos. We wanted see more interest earning options on crypto but there were not many on the market that we could use. That’s why we created this project in-house for our own trading needs. But we soon saw other crypto users can also benefit from this. Hence we decided to launch and open our products to the wider crypto users.


NEST looks good but it confuses me that there are so many other Blockchain projects. What should I pay attention in NEST to give it the importance it deserves? What are your planning to achieve with your project?


Parasset, incubated by NEST LABS, has launched Public Beta on May-07–2021, you can try it now for Airdrop for early users Besides, our DEX CoFiX2.1 has just updated yesterday, you can go on DeFi mining just with $NEST token 🙂


I want to have a LONG TERM INVESTMENT with your platform, but I’m in doubts right now, how can you convince and assure me this project is Secured and PROFITABLE? Vast majority of Crypto projects are built just for the sole purpose of amassing wealth for themselves. So, I want to know the value you aim to add to crypto industry that will bring greater abundance to the industry?

Bill D:

I pick this for Q3.

As I’ve said above, we like to keep our company low cost, so we can pay more to our users as interest. This ensures us to stay solvent and profitable without spending too much money on needless marketing.

We have many users who have been using us since the start in late 2019. And we’re planning on making our platform even better by adding more interesting products.

This is because we ourselves are crypto users and traders, and we want to see more interesting products on the market and contribute to the development of crypto industry.

For myself, I come from traditional finance like investment banking. I don’t want to go back to working at an investment bank 😅. I just want crypto to prosper even more.

Jonny Dang:

What is the role of token in the ecosystem? Where can people currently buy it?what would be its used?.?


You can mortgage NEST in Parasset to genarate PUSD or PETH to make the LP token which put in the pool in CoFiX. USDT Pool Current APR is about

68.13%. NEST is listed on the following exchanges:

Ngu Oodn:

Do you have plan to add network like BSC where small transaction fees applies?

Bill D:

I pick for final question.

Yes, we’re adding BSC to all our products next month so users can benefit from low transaction fees, which would help in sending their savings and withdrawing their interest earnings from

In the future we will support many different blockchains such as XRP and Solana etc. But currently we support ERC20 and BSC for simple savings.


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