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Hello entire Crypto Infinity community! Today we will join you in the Smaugs Project. Our guest will be Sir @emreulgac

🏆 Crypto Infinity Together with Smaugs to hosting the AMA 🏆

🗓 AMA Date: 15th May 2021

⏰ Time AMA: 1 PM UTC | 8 PM (GMT +7)

🏚Venue For AMA: @CryptoInfinity_Community_VN


Before starting Part 1 of the AMA, can you tell the community a little bit about yourself? @emreulgac

Emre Ulgac:

My name is Emre Ulgac I am a computer engineer and founder of Smaugs NFT. In addition, I manage all development and planning processes of our NFT marketplace application.

I have been working in the crypto field since 2017 and I continue to do so. I have worked in software development and artificial intelligence projects in companies for 5 years. Integrating artificial intelligence technologies in the crypto field is one of the most exciting topics for me. Our team includes 2 core developers, 1 Marketing Manager, 1 UI Developer, 1 community manager and 1 Human resources manager.

Joker | 💥 Community Manager💥:

Q1: Can you please tell us about Smaugs in detail?

Emre Ulgac:

I am a person who loves artificial intelligence and software. I am a computer engineer and founder of Smaugs NFT.

In addition, I manage all development and planning processes of our NFT marketplace application.

We want to create an unstoppable project by combining artificial intelligence with NFT and Defi.

DEFI + NFT + AI = Unstoppable Combination

Joker | 💥 Community Manager💥:

Q2: Please tell us the biggest milestone you have ever achieved and also your future milestone?

Emre Ulgac:

Smaugs will be listed on a Centralised Exchange very soon.

In terms of design, we have completed our nft marketplace application by 90%.

Smart contracts were completed and sent to Certik company to audit.

This month we want activate our website on testnet.

We are planning to release our actual NFT marketplace product after audit.

We will also share the final version of our smart contracts on GitHub.

NFT marketplace design demo coming soon.

Joker | 💥 Community Manager💥:

Q3: Please give us a sneak peak of your Roadmap?

Emre Ulgac:

- Smaugs token listed Pancakeswap on April 18.

- Demo design release in May

- After our smart contracts development over, they will be sent to Certik company for audit.

- There will be central exchange listing in May.

- Stake feature activated on our partner company Tosdis Finance.

- Depending on the audit process, the NFT marketplace will be available in May.

- Different events and competitions will be added to the system.

Joker | 💥 Community Manager💥:

Price List Pancake??

How Much

Emre Ulgac:



We have listed these DEX.

Joker | 💥 Community Manager💥:

How Much ADD liquidity and Lock Team

Emre Ulgac:

Price currently approx 0.22

Liq locked for 1 year

Complete liq

Joker | 💥 Community Manager💥:

Q4: What makes Smaugs better than its competitors?

Emre Ulgac:

The difference of the marketplace we will establish is that we want to establish a structure where events and competitions can be organized for artists and freelancers who design. We want to use the governance logic in these events and to secure the work of artists and designers with NFT technology.

We will also organize events where NFT gifts are distributed.

One of our other important differences is that we are working on a structure where artificial intelligence technologies can be used with Smaugs tokens. In addition, we want to prove the ownership of models by converting them to nft tokens for the field of artificial intelligence.

Finally, one of our goals is the game industry. Some collections will be completed by combining different gamifications and nft tokens with each other, and those who complete the collection will be gifted with another nft token belonging to that series.

We are working on this and other similar scenarios.

Some exciting new partnerships are waiting for us. We will be much different with these collaborations.


Twitter From @dungcute2k3

Many new projects initially developed well, but then did not achieve good results. How will you manage and develop your project to get a position in the market and become a good project in the blockchain industry?

Emre Ulgac:

We do not focus on a single point. We will make NFT technology stronger by combining as many different areas as possible with NFT technology.

Our goal is not to be a classic NFT marketplace, but our main goal to create new values with these.

Twitter From @Eklasha5272911

What is the development status of the ETH-DINO bridge? Can projects move their assets from ETH to BSC?

Emre Ulgac:

We have studies related to this, we want to attract more different people to our system with such bridges.

Technically feasible and we will give prizes to organize some campaigns for these operations.

Twitter From @Gazianteplyy

Adoption is one of the important factor that all sustainable blockchain projects should focus to be more attractive in the investors’ eyes. What #Smaugs has done and plans to do to achieve real world adoption?

Emre Ulgac:

We are planning Smaugs Shop. Here you will be able to buy Smaugs branded products such as cups, t-shirts and hoodies for $ SMG.

Twitter From @dungcute2k3

Do you have any coin burning or redemption system or any token burning project to increase the value of tokens and attract investors to invest in the project?

Emre Ulgac:

When we first rolled out, the Total supply was 100M and the Circulation amount was 45M.

After the public sale, 10M SMG was burned and the amount of circulation was reduced to 35M.

We do not have a new burning plan in the near future.

Twitter from @OnePlus3987

Blockchain in its core is a distributed ledger. But everything need to be audited by a third party is important to ensure faurther security. Have you done an audit or planning for?

Emre Ulgac:

Smart contracts were completed and sent to Certik company to audit.

After the audit process, our marketplace will be active.


Giant Mama ✪:

Would you build your own wallet? 👀

Emre Ulgac:

Why not. A wallet where NFTs can be managed can be very nice.

In the future may come


A partnership is essential for Adoption, so can you tell us what partners you have now and in the future?

Emre Ulgac:

Currently, our partner for staking is Tosdis. Apart from this, we are completing the technical requirements of another partnership coming soon.

Stay tuned.

One of the important aspects for you?

Price and token value increased by

1 Platform development


3-Build community trust

4-Expanding partnerships globally


Emre Ulgac:

Instead of putting them in order of importance, we find it more appropriate to take the right steps at the right time for all of them. You can raise the price with a lot of advertising now, but how solid will it be. Most likely will fall the next day. That’s why we move forward with precise steps.

How do you plan to promote your project in different countries? where English is not spoken very well. Do you have a local community so they can understand your project?

Emre Ulgac:

We will start a related ambassador program and also create local communities and ensure that their language is spoken.

You can join our Vietnamese community.

😍😍😍Can you please be more specific about your tokenomics?

What is the total supply and what are your plans regarding future token unlock???????????????? 😍😍

Emre Ulgac:

general overview

Project name: Smaugs NFT

Symbol: SMG

Market Cap: $17,500.000

Final ATH: $0.533

Total supply: 90,000,000 VND

Circulating Supply: 35,000,000

Buy from Pancakeswap:

Coingecko Link:

Coinmarketcap Link:


Description: The world’s first artificial intelligence powered marketplace where you can sell your digital assets as NFT tokens in the digital world.

I am a professional web vulnerability finder, do you think your system is safe enough from hackers? Does your project have a reward program for detecting system vulnerabilities??

Emre Ulgac:

We will hold a contest about this. Security is very important, so be prepared for any attack

So many projects just want to talk about “long term vision and mission” but what are your short term goals? What are you focusing on right now?

Emre Ulgac:

We are currently trying to enable the nft market on the testnet.

Additionally, we work with artists around the world to ensure that they share their work on our NFT marketplace.

Have you had any new collaborations recently? So what are the benefits of this partnership for YOUR project?

Emre Ulgac:

We have made a partnership agreement with Tosdis and a stake has been created on their website.


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